Helen Berggruen – Interiors · Exteriors

31.8. – 16.9.2018

Helen Berggruen in Potsdam
Vernissage: 31. August, 6 PM
Welcoming Speech: 6:50 PM
Concert: 7:00 PM, Yu Jung Yoon is playing compositions by Bach, Chopin and Brahms
Under the heading "Interior / Exterior" Galerie Deschler is presenting selected works by the artist Helen Berggruen at Villa Francke in Potsdam. 

At the same time, the exhibition "Digital Landscape", interpretations of contemporary landscape painting by Holger Bär, Jörn Grothkopp, Jay Mark Johnson and Patricia Waller will be taking place.

Villa Francke 
Gregor-Mendel-Straße 23 
14469 Potsdam

Opening Hours: Sa. 1st Sept. 12-18:00, So. 2nd Sept. 12-18:00, Fr.-So. (7th-9th Sept.) 12-18:00, So. 9th Sept. 15:00 Smooth Jazz, upon consultation until the 16th Sept.

Helen Berggruen is the daughter of the native Berliner and well known German art collector Heinz Berggruen, founder of the Berlin Berggruen Museum. The museum is also indebted to Helen Berggruen for substantial loans to the collection.

Helen Berggruen first pursued a career in acting, collaborating with Robert Wilson. Later she turned to painting and developed her own expressive style, strongly influenced by Vincent van Gogh and the French Impressionists. Using vivid colors she predominantly paints subjects from her own surroundings: still lifes, interiors, views of American suburbs, landscapes, both of America and of Southern France, where she spends some of her time. The present exhibition at the Villa Francke features a number of works painted earlier this year in Potsdam and its vicinity.