SHAKY TIMES - Xenia Hausner

24.3. – 10.6.2018
Xenia Hausner at Bratislava: The Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum shows selected works by the austrian artist.

MARCH 24 – JUNE 10, 2018

The Danubiana Museum will be showing „Shaky Times“, works by Xenia Hausner from various periods. 
 Hausner paints people, delves without sentimentality into the failures her protagonists experience, love, loss and the insecurity in our times. Her works depict society - they are deeply personal and yet radiate beyond the parameters of the individual. Mainly women, powerfully expressive, inhabit the stage she sets for her images, women who seem to be testing roles, contrary paradigms, alternative possibilities to the thousands of years of patriarchal history. Hausner incorporates elements from various cultures, contradictory landscapes of life, into a new, fragmented reality. It becomes evident how globalization has caused cultural diff erences to falter. Her pictures tell stories about survival in shaky times. 

 Xenia Hausner‘s works haven been exhibited internationally at galleries and museums – in Berlin, Venice, Shanghai, New York, Vienna etc. Xenia Hausner currently lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.