24.10. – 27.11.2018

Unter dem Titel „Velvet Land“ zeigt die Berliner Galerie Deschler in der Art & Event Gallery "Cerna Labut" in Prag Werke von Holger Bär, Jay Mark Johnson, Jörn Grothkopp, Mariano Rinaldi Goñi und Tony Conway.

Art & Event Gallery CERNÁ LABUT
Na Porici 25, Prag I, 8th floor
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Jörn Grothkopp - Wir Sehen

6.7. – 8.9.2018
Jörn Grothkopps new exhibtion, titled "we see", shows new and old artworks, that in their own way deal with the reduction of the elements of the image to its basic structures, effecting a radical simplification of the visual forms.

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